AFC Stanley
AFC Stanley
Under 8's Blacks
Chadderton FC Juniors Reds U7's

Away | 10 September 2017

Match Report

Today we had an early kick off at 0900 against Chadderton FC Juniors Reds.

The boys all turned up bright and breezy and raring to go (which was a surprise due to the time).
We had good warm up and had a chat about how we were going to set up and how we were going to play and most of all have FUN.

The first half got underway and Thomas surprised me as he got stuck in straight away chasing the ball down and making takles
and even made two goal scoring chances for him self. And with Harvey and Little Josh attacking they also made some chances.
But defensivly Owen was once again putting in the big hard important tackles keeping the ball away from goal and when Chadderton
did get a shot on goal Big Josh was there to make the save but he did pull off some fantastic save which you thought were goal bound
but Big Josh just said no. The first half action was end to end stuff and half way through the first half we introduced Connor who
started off slowly (probley due to being half asleep but soon woke up and got stuck in to help the team. As the half was coming to the 
end Chadderton got a corner and when it came in we couldnt clear our lines quick enough which allowed chadderton to score. Soon after
the ref blow for half time.

At half time we got the boys together and told them not to worry and if they kept on playing the way they were then they would get the 
goals their performance deserved and that they had only made one mistake and that is how they scored but if we keep pressing they would 
make mistakes aswell and that would be our chance.

The second half got under way and no sooner as we started Harun got a shot off which there keeper saved but he put the ball on the floor 
to kick it out but Harvey and Little Josh saw this and ran for thr ball and by doing this Harvey was able to close the ball down and the
Chadderton keeper kicked the ball straight to Little Josh who put the ball in the back of the net. Chadderton kicked off and the play 
went just like the first but with Harvey making a good takle we where able to counter and Harun made a lovely pass to Little Josh who had 
found his range and put the ball safely home. The action went from one half to the other with both side defending really well but during 
one of our attacks the ball broke free to Harun who shot the ball into the bottom corner getting himself on the score sheet. The final five 
minutes where very edgey and with some indecicion in defence and with the goal keeper this allowed the Chadderton forward to get a toe on 
the ball and knock it in to our goal, but the boys where able to see out the game.

Both teams played really well and it was a good game to watch and our boys are getting better abd better every week and today has just proved
the boys are beginning to understand what a formation is and postional play, well done boys.

Team Awards

Trainer of the week - Harvey H

Oposition man of the match - Owen C

Managers man of the match - Thomas W

Parents man of the match - Joshua D 

Match Photo's